Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hole In The Throat Atheists: Is Beni Of The Mummy A True Example Of A Religious Man For Today?

Atheists: Is Beni of the Mummy a true example of a religious man for today? - hole in the throat

INT. Sala Anubis - NIGHT

Beni Sloway backups to Anubis, eyes, firearms. It
alternately - IMHOTEP there! Beni back screaming
further and opened fire. Imhotep drilling six shots, but they
no effect, except in the molten red meat injections in the back
Wall. Beni pulls himself into a corner, scared shitless. Imhotep
moves forward, one hand trying to stop the distribution of mummy
Intestines oozing out of the hole gun in his hand.
Beni dropped his gun and grabs the chain around his neck,
"Religious symbols and icons hanging on each chain. Beni
Next: a Christian crucifix. Fast
made the sign of the cross and blesses himself in English:


May the good Lordto protect and monitor
About me as a pastor at the clock
his flock. And the devil in all his
Ways to overcome for ever.

It has no effect on Imhotep, who continues. Beni
quickly the other symbols and icons packs, maintenance
Imhotep, one after the other, seeking to reduce
Progress: a sword and Islamic crescent necklace
Hindu Brahma medallion, a small Buddhist Bodhisattva statue.
All kinds of blessings, while in Arabic, Hindi, Chinese and
America. Nothing works. Skeleton hand reaching for Imhotep
Throat Beni. Tears on the cheeks of Beni is so much fear.
And then he holds the David Stern and blessed
in Hebrew. Imhotep stops. The main \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ u0026lt;br> low. Your new look grotesque in Beni.

Imhotep (subtitled)

The language of the slaves.

Watching with amazement. Imhotep takes a step back.

Imhotep (in Hebrew - Subtitles)

May have use for you. And
the reward is great.

אני אולי להשתמש בשבילך. ו
הגמול יהיה גדול.


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