Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hole In The Throat Atheists: Is Beni Of The Mummy A True Example Of A Religious Man For Today?

Atheists: Is Beni of the Mummy a true example of a religious man for today? - hole in the throat

INT. Sala Anubis - NIGHT

Beni Sloway backups to Anubis, eyes, firearms. It
alternately - IMHOTEP there! Beni back screaming
further and opened fire. Imhotep drilling six shots, but they
no effect, except in the molten red meat injections in the back
Wall. Beni pulls himself into a corner, scared shitless. Imhotep
moves forward, one hand trying to stop the distribution of mummy
Intestines oozing out of the hole gun in his hand.
Beni dropped his gun and grabs the chain around his neck,
"Religious symbols and icons hanging on each chain. Beni
Next: a Christian crucifix. Fast
made the sign of the cross and blesses himself in English:


May the good Lordto protect and monitor
About me as a pastor at the clock
his flock. And the devil in all his
Ways to overcome for ever.

It has no effect on Imhotep, who continues. Beni
quickly the other symbols and icons packs, maintenance
Imhotep, one after the other, seeking to reduce
Progress: a sword and Islamic crescent necklace
Hindu Brahma medallion, a small Buddhist Bodhisattva statue.
All kinds of blessings, while in Arabic, Hindi, Chinese and
America. Nothing works. Skeleton hand reaching for Imhotep
Throat Beni. Tears on the cheeks of Beni is so much fear.
And then he holds the David Stern and blessed
in Hebrew. Imhotep stops. The main \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ u0026lt;br> low. Your new look grotesque in Beni.

Imhotep (subtitled)

The language of the slaves.

Watching with amazement. Imhotep takes a step back.

Imhotep (in Hebrew - Subtitles)

May have use for you. And
the reward is great.

אני אולי להשתמש בשבילך. ו
הגמול יהיה גדול.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Guys Wedgies Giving A Girl A Front Wedgie?

Giving a girl a front wedgie? - guys wedgies

I was very upset with my friend, as she is very cheeky, so I thought to give you a wedgie. Then I thought - it's a girl she does not want a game for men. So I thought that might be giving way to wedgie girls on the front instead of back.

So I did, and she went mental and I can not speak for a week.

Give the girls wedgie and if so, how?

HP is now my wife and that was their only wedgie!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Engraved On The Inside Leather Bracelets Disneyland Leather Bracelet?

Disneyland leather bracelet? - engraved on the inside leather bracelets

I wonder how much it will cost leather, braided bracelets engraved to Disneyland on my name and some tinkerbell silhouette metal or has Disney Princess at his side.

I'm pretty sure that it purchased in the theme park and not in Downtown Disney, btw.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Golf Gti Interiör Golf Gti!!!?

Golf gti!!!? - golf gti interiör

Hello, 2littre on a Golf GTI, if I wanted to make faster with KNN or Abit fit? usually quite fast, but abit wrong!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Congratulations Phrases For Weight Loss What Is A Great Saying For A Cake For A Person Going Off To College?

What is a great saying for a cake for a person going off to college? - congratulations phrases for weight loss

instead of "happiness" or if you want to send congratulations to my friend with a big word - it is his last year in college.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Signs Of Herpes In The Head Concerned With STD,if The First 7 Days Passed; No Signs Of Blisters Or Painful Urine,does It Rule Out Herpes?

Concerned with STD,if the first 7 days passed; no signs of blisters or painful urine,does it rule out Herpes? - signs of herpes in the head

my friend oral sex and is now the sixth day after exposure, the symptoms will be up to date:
frequent urination every 30 minutes during the second day, 5 hours
second and third day of fatigue
Later, the feeling in the fingers and toes from time to time.
N redness around there, except for the first few days with very slight itching.
Yesterday and today, the sensitivity of the penis head, no evidence for the .. of itching, skin rash or blisters

He recommended taking the pills and Cipro Lotion dakatort eliminate any bacteria to ... But can I find out what exactly are these symptoms, and how can u get rid of is the fear of a murderer?

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Can I Take Anything With Mucinex A Very Persistent Cough?

A very persistent cough? - can i take anything with mucinex

Since December, I had this terrible cough. I tried all the medications you may even notice that I always hoped that I was "always the case for me in the past anything, but it helps me sleep at night.
Nothing about my cough and Arent 'wet', but I heavy feeling in the chest and almost like I sometimes feel like drowning.
Sometimes, coughing so hard, that always leads me back to breathe, and I vomited a few times as heavy cough. my chest and the sides are so bad at the end of the day, constant coughing, deep!

Here are all the medications I have tried that are not yet a success:
* Mucinex
W * Several Tylenol Cold / cold in the night and the day broke (Usually, I cleaned up)
* DayQuil / NyQuil
* Rubotussin (excuse the spelling)
* An inhaler that I have for a few weeks
* I've just started on treatment with nebulized salbutamol (again ignore the spelling)
* Brand and disadvantages of certain cold medicines

I can not do anything with pseudoephedrine, because it gives me a pat heart and makes me dehydrated, nervousness, dizziness and fainting.

Sometimes the cough relief after a week or two serious attacks, but then got worse. I was a bit stuffy nose and slight fever, the beginning of December this year, but he disappeared, and now all that for about 4 months later, this horrible cough! I still sometimes a stuffy nose and a bleeding nose, butnot as often as I was.

Does anyone else have cold medicine that I think you can try that might help? Home Remedies also accepted!
In an attempt to get rid of this cough FREAKING!

Thank you in advance for your advice.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Publix Cream Cheese Icing Help! I Need To Find An Amazing Buttercream Or Cream Cheese Icing Recipe For Wedding/birthday Cakes. ?

Help! I need to find an amazing buttercream or cream cheese icing recipe for wedding/birthday cakes. ? - publix cream cheese icing

I love butter Publix in Florida, I'm looking mainly for a cake recipe from a professional decorator, it is not too sweet, but is light, soft and delicious. Any help is appreciated, since I'm in a moment of force

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Homemade Canoe Stabilizers Is There Anything I Can Put On The Bottom Of A Homemade Wooden Canoe That Can Increase Its Bouyancy/floating?

Is there anything I can put on the bottom of a homemade wooden canoe that can increase its bouyancy/floating? - homemade canoe stabilizers

Now it can hold 2 people very easily. I want to have to fall an average of 2 persons in a position to. Is there something I can put on him to help?

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Cake Design Motorcycle I Need A Cake Design For A 50 Some Yr. Old Man & 14 Yr Old Girl. Any Ideas?

I need a cake design for a 50 some yr. old man & 14 yr old girl. Any ideas? - cake design motorcycle

I have a birthday cake for 50 some years. Old and 14 years. Girls who share the same birthday. He loves music, Cup State of Ohio, motorcycles. She likes the colors, iPods and crazy clothes. I need an idea!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Samsung 1080p Dvd Recorder Vcr Be Warned! Hooking Up An LCD HDTV To A DVD Recorder?

Hooking up an LCD HDTV to a DVD Recorder? - samsung 1080p dvd recorder vcr be warned!

I try, my father, you hook your DVD player to your new HDTV, and help issues.

The TV is a Samsung 46 "1080p Flat Panel - Model LN-T4661F

The writer is a Samsung Upconverting DVD / VCR combo (of course with recording function) - Model DVD-VR357

I think we just run the HDMI cable from the recorder to the TV, but what confuses me is how they allow recording of television programs, when the cable is in a box. Normally I'm good with these things, but it was embarrassing.

Is it just run the HDMI from the recorder to the TV? Or is it more to it (especially the cable box)?

Thank you.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Kidney Stones Numb Legs I'm A 23yr Old Female, But Are These Symptoms Are Serious As I Think They Are?

I'm a 23yr old female, but are these symptoms are serious as I think they are? - kidney stones numb legs

In the past 3 months I've noticed many unpleasant symptoms. I have received about 15 pounds (in just over 100 pounds to 5'6 ") and have little or no appetite. Occasionally easily become confused, or to bring about fundamental things are not confused (eg, not knowing the right the left side, getting lost driving in very familiar areas, without forgetting the people have told me that things minutes before). It is difficult to the eyes, concentrating especially when the dark night and I can easily distracted. J 'experience have numbness, tingling (in the legs do not always both) on several occasions. The next day I feel tired and sore, as if they had a marathon of 30 miles.

I am concerned I am happy about my health, and that these symptoms can (if they & #039; also all related Re), but because they have no health insurance, can not really afford to go to DR for the test. Any idea what might that be? I was very healthy until recently (with the exception of kidney stones) in the past. Ideas?

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Gay Furry Shark My Neighbour Is A Gay Furry And Keeps Hitting Me On. Should I Confront Him?

My neighbour is a gay furry and keeps hitting me on. Should I confront him? - gay furry shark

Keep asking if I want to see your fursuit, and keeps inviting me to go to him in his car FurCon Wirth someone else.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Can You Take Tylenol Cold And Pepto Bismol Do I Have Reye's Syndrom? Please Answer I Don't Want To Die! (i'll Give Best Answer!!!)!! Help!!?

Do I have Reye's Syndrom? please answer I don't want to die! (i'll give best answer!!!)!! help!!? - can you take tylenol cold and pepto bismol

I am 15 years old. In February / March I used Tylenol every day after returning from school, because my period of 8 Italian class, I always had headaches. March, I left because I thought it would be a good idea, Tylenol daily. Then, about 2 1 / 2 weeks I was sick with a cold, no fever, and took Tylenol and other things. Now I get yesterday evening, I thought, unless I had mussels for dinner, but should be sick long term? I also have diarrhea, and I'm tired (I think / thought, because I slept on a lumpy sofa last night), but I really do not know. I also chill
So, what do I have? What should I do? Reye's syndrome? b / ci really wanted to take Pepto Bismol ... It may not be appropriate. Please help me! WHwith me?

Friday, February 12, 2010

Kashmir Business I Have Started Cloth Business In Hyderabad.Please Some One Out In Other Cities Guide Get Cheap Cloths Materiel?

I have started cloth business in Hyderabad.Please some one out in other cities guide get cheap cloths materiel? - kashmir business

or plants that interest me with every sale, Chennai, Delhi, Kashmir, Jaipur, etc. are available

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Stream Npr With Vlc How To Add NPR Internet Radio Stream To Music Server?

How to add NPR internet radio stream to music server? - stream npr with vlc

I have an olive tree (aka Hifidelio) music server with an Internet radio feature. I would NPR ( add to my post, but can not find work (mp3?) Actual.


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Fermentation On Shampoo What Fermentation Products Are Made By Both Yeast And Humans?

What fermentation products are made by both yeast and humans? - fermentation on shampoo

What has been the product of fermentation of human and yeast?
a. ethanol
b. CO2
c. NAD +

In humans, lactic acid fermentation occurs in response to lactate, while the product is the fermentation of yeast ethanol. Therefore, there is a regeneration of NAD + ... So I guess, C. Is that correct?

Monday, February 8, 2010

Blogspot Soccer Prediction Can You Briefly Describe Your ADDICTION To Soccer?

Can you briefly describe your ADDICTION to soccer? - blogspot soccer prediction

Click here for an interesting article on the use of the football reading football to help the medication: ...

Sunday, February 7, 2010

South Park In Quick Time American Dragon.............Hannah Montana......South Park (quick Questions!)?

American Dragon.............Hannah Montana......South Park (quick questions!)? - south park in quick time

I have three questons!

1) What is the current end of the American Dragon?
2) Will there be more episodes of Hannah Montana?
3) Will there be more episodes of South Park (there is a season of 13)?

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Best Yellow-toned Foundation The Best Foundation For Warm Toned Pale Skin?

The best foundation for warm toned pale skin? - best yellow-toned foundation

I'm trying to find a very good footing. My skin is very pale, but it is yellow instead of pink tones. My skin is oily / combination. Can anyone recommend a foundation?
Preferably, I can walk into a store, not online.

Friday, February 5, 2010

What Cervical Mucus Like Right Before Period What Does It Mean If I Have Cervical Mucus Days Before Period Is Due?

What does it mean if I have cervical mucus days before period is due? - what cervical mucus like right before period

Theres a possibility that can b pregnant. It would be about 14 DPO for me and my period was to begin tomorrow. .... I am very regular, but idk
I had clear stretchy cm in the last two days .... is a sign that could b pregnant?

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Brazilian Wax When Pregnant Is It Safe To Do A Brazilian Wax When You're 7 Months Pregnant?

Is it safe to do a brazilian wax when you're 7 months pregnant? - brazilian wax when pregnant

its fine u go girl perfetly

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Ma. 2010 Inspection Sticker Is It Possible To Claim An Abandoned Vehicle In MA?

Is it possible to claim an abandoned vehicle in MA? - ma. 2010 inspection sticker

Mid-90s is a Honda Accord was parked outside an apartment building next to me and there for a little over a month, no plates, but an inspection sticker valid until April 2010 and I wonder whether it would be possible to assert this. I live in MA

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Msn Messange Sluts What Sorts Of Questions Shuld U Ask To Someone Who U R Going Out With On Msn Messange?

What sorts of questions shuld u ask to someone who u r going out with on msn messange? - msn messange sluts

how u doin ..

Monday, February 1, 2010

Master Lock Lost Combination Master Lock Lost Combination?

Master Lock Lost Combination? - master lock lost combination

My cousin had a lock on great teachers and closed handles my portfolio manager. Do you have your master combination lock, and you can not remove it for my portfolio. I do not want to cut to the expensive bags. The serial number on the back is 904,339. Has anyone a list of shortcuts? I have tried all the tutorials that are striking the 12 numbers you click, however, belong to 2 hours after the exertion, I resigned. He can not wait for 6-8 weeks, it is the combination of the holding company now is in my pocket. Can anyone help please? I would appreciate it!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

How Many Mg Of Ambien Would Be Lethal Too Much Ambien Lethal?

Too much Ambien lethal? - how many mg of ambien would be lethal

Hello, I started 10 mg of Ambien every night, because during the last two months I was not getting enough sleep well. Now I know it can be an addictive drug, but I take it seem as if I am ill, really drunk, but it always puts me to sleep. I weigh 135 and I wonder what is the strict limitation that I can take 10 mg of Ambien before it becomes deadly. I know you do not take the dose when prescribing doctor, but I'm on vacation and can not seem to go to the doctor to speak with him, but I need sleep ... How much is too much before it becomes dangerous for my body or spirit? Thank you.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Inflammatory Arthritis More Condition_treatment Can Anyone Tell Me If Inflammatory Arthritis Will Cause Flu Like Symptons?

Can anyone tell me if inflammatory arthritis will cause flu like symptons? - inflammatory arthritis more condition_treatment

I've had this since January, and I am sad. It comes and goes. When I steroid I feel pretty good, but I know I can not live with these things. It is time to kill and eat the bones. Can someone help me with an answer?

Friday, January 29, 2010

Albinism In The Eyes What Color Eyes Will The Baby Have.. Mother: Brown Eyed, Albinism Carrier. Father: Blue Eyed?

What color eyes will the baby have.. Mother: Brown eyed, albinism carrier. Father: Blue eyed? - albinism in the eyes

"Generally, brown eyes is dominant, so I have to say that most likely a bed of baby eyes would. But it's just random and depends on previous generations of mothers and parents and his own eye color.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Catering Own Wedding Reception Heavy Hor Dourves Can You Help With Our Wedding Reception Dilemma?

Can you help with our wedding reception dilemma? - catering own wedding reception heavy hor dourves

My friend and I are looking for a loft / basement type place to celebrate our marriage. We are in music, art and banquet is usually much too expensive or simply nothing is not enough. We want freedom, we decorate with our catering and music. I searched and searched and found nothing that matches. My guess is, but because they show Boaty, do not need more publicity. Does anyone have the slightest idea of the area in the cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul?

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Can I Use Maestro As Mastercard Could I Use My "Maestro Debit Card" To Transfer My Bank Balance To My Paypal Account?

Could I use my "Maestro Debit card" to transfer my bank balance to My Paypal Account? - can i use maestro as mastercard

I have no credit card. Is there anyway to my bank SBI debit card Maestro "in order to transfer the balance from my bank to my PayPal account?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Where Is Lego Poptropica Where Do You Input Cheats In Lego Indiana Jones 2?

Where do you input cheats in lego indiana jones 2? - where is lego poptropica

In Lego Indiana Jones 2: The adventure continues when fraudsters before? I have some, but you do not know how to use them. Please help!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Milena Velba Hard What Would U Say To Milena Velba; If U Met Her?

What would u say to Milena Velba; if u met her? - milena velba hard

She is a model. ... ...

Sunday, January 24, 2010

8 Weeks My Kitten Is 8 Weeks Old And Is Still Drinking Her Moms Milk Please Help?

My kitten is 8 weeks old and is still drinking her moms milk please help? - 8 weeks

My friend took my cat and her kittens, who at the age of 8 weeks and if I am one of the boys and the mother saw the house cat that eats only drink the canned food in gravy, and her mother's milk. What should I do?

If KMR kitten forumla help wean a kitten?

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Wales Italy Rugby Cheap Beer In Rome After Italy V Wales Rugby?

Cheap beer in rome after Italy v Wales rugby? - wales italy rugby

Rome usually somewhat expensive. I have worked with many rugby games were than me. The best thing to do, away from the crowds and go to bars outside the box, but the atmosphere is not the same. Bite the bullet and pay the fee of 5 euros for beer and enjoy. Or go to the store and bottles at a party in his hotel room with his teammates.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Umbrella Clothes Line Schools Dress Code Concerning 'Drop Dead' Clothing.?

Schools Dress Code Concerning 'Drop Dead' Clothing.? - umbrella clothes line

In many of my clothes from a line called "Drop Dead".
Written in many shirts of the brand is. In fear, if I, these T-shirts I wouldnt be able to bring them to school because they "Drop Dead" campaign.

Website to see the clothes:
I'm in 'He is interested Stacked Tee ". & "Umbrella Girls V-neck.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Magnetic Stir Plate Would A Magnetic Stir Plate Make Really Good Chocolate Milk?

Would a magnetic stir plate make really good chocolate milk? - magnetic stir plate

No, this is a magnetic stirring plate firmly and not liquid, it would be difficult to drink and dissolve the chocolate.

Well, some uber-Plate Shaker own magnetic stirrer and was not used. I do not think that chocolate milk may be as good as with a mixer.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Bridesmaid Dress Hire Does Anyone Know Of A Bridesmaid Dress Hire Shop In The Gt Yarmouth Area?

Does anyone know of a bridesmaid dress hire shop in the Gt Yarmouth area? - bridesmaid dress hire

I searched online and in the Yellow Pages, but no luck!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Remote Dog Training Collar Remote Training Collar For Housebreaking?

Remote training collar for housebreaking? - remote dog training collar

Could indicate a use of remote dog training collar in mind that it is wrong to pee / Inside shit, even if you do not think you see?

Is it possible that the anxiety will eventually go to the toilet in full?

Monday, January 18, 2010

Casino Niagara Tour Casino Bus From Hamilton To Niagara Falls?

Casino bus from Hamilton to Niagara Falls? - casino niagara tour

I plan to go to Niagara Falls (casino and other places) with my friends. I know how to get there. However, I heard that "Casino bus is much cheaper than other buses. I have the Internet to find information about this, but can not find anything. I live in Hamilton, ON. If you have information or know the website specifically for this subject, please let me know. Thanks.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Nhs Hygiene What Would Happen If We Really Stopped People From Other Countries Settling Here?

What would happen if we really stopped people from other countries settling here? - nhs hygiene

I do not mean that ordinary people. For example, we hold Shoppig go abroad to run my foreign supermarkets, grocery stores and other stores with a high level of foreign workers. I focus on the supermarkets, because attended with many other countries, I know that most countries are not in the standards of hygiene are as high as ours. Is this the reason that many of these houses in the NHS for foriegner with little or no standards of cleanliness ofetn by the services? Do not just crimes, but serious infections with increasing immigration.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Driver My-cam Usb I Plugged Up My Camera And The Driver Device Software Came Up As Unknown. Now My Cam Wont Work On My Computer.?

I plugged up my camera and the driver device software came up as unknown. Now my cam wont work on my computer.? - driver my-cam usb

and my camera is a JVC mini DV grda30us. I have a USB 4-pin FireWire cable. I need help please!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Buy Exotic Animals Online Were Can I Buy Exotic Animals Online?

Were can i buy exotic animals online? - buy exotic animals online

I really want a tiger or a bear

Cougar Toy Hauler COUGARS ... I'm A Cougar Whose Losing One Of My BoyToys. I Want To Keep Him. Has This Ever Happened To You?

COUGARS ... I'm A Cougar Whose Losing One Of My BoyToys. I Want To Keep Him. Has This Ever Happened To You? - cougar toy hauler

I am 60 years old and my Boytoy is 19 years. I met him, when he was 18, but we have been closely from his 19th Birthday. I swim all around you. I bought an SUV last month and I always buy clothes - she loves his clothes. Come along on trips outside the city and likes the lobster dinner. I bought it so I have more jewels in my small work staff. He loves the music, so let me know what you want to buy CDs and get him. He said he likes to keep at least $ 100 in his pockets, so make sure it happens. I, because I consider his society and with love. Sex is great too. Go and taught me many things.

I fell on him. I would ask you to marry me. But it does. Earlier, when I buy something he likes, but now it seems that this is not always happy. Even love is different. He loves me and then left, not even two minutes from time.

Have you ever? What have you done?Keep your toys? Should I do anything?

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Top Spyware Programs What Are The Top Anti-virus/ Spyware Detection Programs Despite The Price?

What are the top Anti-virus/ spyware detection programs despite the price? - top spyware programs

As the title, if the statistics are the programs against the best vir

not just talking about it, what are some programs on my PC, although prices clean

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Rv Tow Trucks What Are The Best Small Trucks For Towing Behind An Rv 4 On The Floor?

What are the best small trucks for towing behind an rv 4 on the floor? - rv tow trucks

You can tow a truck or trailer without
4 wheels on the ground
Manual Gearbox:
FORD: Ranger
(also in the discussion, but that's a car, and F250 and F350, but the Great)

If you prefer the automatic transmission:
You can also install a "package of cable-neutral" by the Ford dealer and pull:
FORD: F150
Explorer Sport Trac

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Baby Gift Card Gift Card Baby Shower - Help With The Wording?

Gift Card Baby Shower - Help with the wording? - baby gift card

I am planning a baby shower for a friend, and I want to make a card shower. (I have tons of clothes) Please help me before, like a clever way to call him.

Monday, January 11, 2010

San Diego Hotels What Is The Best Site For Information On San Diego Hotels?

What is the best site for information on San Diego hotels? - san diego hotels

I think it would be a further step. They have most of these agreements. (Sounds like a commercial)
But these sites are also good. - This is a very good location because it is on feedback from customers.

Hotel Circle is where most hotels, but there are other groups here and there. When you recommend staying in Point Loma. There are so many tourists there, and you're right, between the beaches and downtown.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Flag Draped Casket When An Army Veteran Has Funeral But Was Cremated - No Casket - How Is The Flag Presented - Already Folded?

When an Army veteran has funeral but was cremated - no casket - how is the flag presented - already folded? - flag draped casket

Service, shall greet all honor (21, the flag, etc.), but since it is not to be a flag-covered coffin, as his widow will be presented?

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Non Surgical Weight Loss How Can I Get Rid Of Hanging Skin After Weight Loss Without Surgery?

How can I get rid of hanging skin after weight loss without surgery? - non surgical weight loss

I recently lost weight and my skin was hanging my arms ... It is a non-surgical method to this path? Ideas or help is greatly appreciated. I wear tank tops this summer. :)

Friday, January 8, 2010

Georgia Small Business Health Insurance What Is The Maximum Number Of Employees A Small Business May Have Before It Must Offer Health Insurance?

What is the maximum number of employees a small business may have before it must offer health insurance? - georgia small business health insurance

Sepcifically I am looking for an answer for Georgia, but in another state would be great. This is a company which is not an LLP or LLC. Thank you.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Turn Future Credit Card Sales Into What Is A Good Credit Card To Get If You Have No Credit?

What is a good credit card to get if you have no credit? - turn future credit card sales into

I've just turned 18 and I'm trying to build my credit because I think to buy another car in the future. And what would be a good choice to do?

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Send Candy Can You Send Candy Items To Iraq?

Can you send candy items to Iraq? - send candy

I have a friend in Iraq, were in writing. Can you, like a bag of candy or candy canes for Christmas, etc, etc. .. Thanks

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

California Prenuptial Agreement Form Where Can I Get Ready Forms For A Prenuptial Agreement?

Where can I get ready forms for a Prenuptial Agreement? - california prenuptial agreement form

I need a prenuptial agreement form for California and do not want to go to a lawyer.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Chi Hair Tools Which Hair Straightener Should I Get? 10 POINTS!!!! (CHI)?

Which hair straightener should i get? 10 POINTS!!!! (CHI)? - chi hair tools

OK, I'm looking to buy a hair iron chi. But what should I buy?

Chi Iron ...

Chi Turbo (chip I.5 Digital) 20Turbo ...

Chi wet to dry ...

I do not think I'll get wet on dry.
Anyway, that is better Turbo or regular?
What is a?
What is your opinion?
Should I get it?

The detailed answers. 10 points! Thank you.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Florida Boxing Does Anyone Know What The Rates Are For The South Florida Boxing Gym?

Does anyone know what the rates are for the South Florida Boxing gym? - florida boxing

I tried to call and ask, but they were very sketchy on this issue.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Harvest Moon Magical Melody How Do You Sell Items On Harvest Moon Magical Melody?

How do you sell items on harvest moon magical melody? - harvest moon magical melody

I bought a Harvest Moon Magical Melody for the Wii, but I do not know how I sell my plants and things.


Friday, January 1, 2010

Cover Girl Outlast Lipstick Can Anyone Please Suggest A Good Lipstick That Stays On For Hours That Also Moisturizes?

Can anyone please suggest a good lipstick that stays on for hours that also moisturizes? - cover girl outlast lipstick

I hate to ask all the time. BTW ... I like girls to other products, but they last longer than lipstick sucks ... I just want a lipstick that can go in one step!