Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Pain In Lower Left Abdomen Before Period Pain And Itching In Lower Left Quadrant Of Abdomen.?

Pain and itching in lower left quadrant of abdomen.? - pain in lower left abdomen before period

Recently, during the last week or 2 I have a discount on the pain and shock in the lower left quadrant of my abdomen. It also begins to bite in time. I'm on my period 2 Day and I had sex on 20 November. No protection was used, but my partner did not ejaculate. Last week I had cramps, like I always do before my time, but only just stopped and I have since been made. I was also feeling sick and my stomach often seems a bit weak and can not in certain types of food until the end i vomiting. I wonder, can I be pregnant or something else that makes me the pain in the abdomen and cause these symptoms. Please help. Thank you.


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