Thursday, December 17, 2009

Witty Things To Say In A Wedding Card Do You Think I'm Still In Love With Him? Is There A Chance?

Do you think I'm still in love with him? Is there a chance? - witty things to say in a wedding card

Ive W / half.I as for one years and was 22 when I met him, he was 23rd and if we are the 1 Square in the eyes of the newborn, he immediately thought it was love @ first page! they couldnt keep their hands off each other perfectly, we click, could spend hours on anything abotu w / each other every chance we could talk .. We thought we were kindred spirits and plannd our upcoming wedding, please call our children a future, etc., so that we Thoth married.1 Thout Hoever my friends that we finally adopted, BC bckgrounds.I are only 2 Difrnt prety one rich fam in CA, which was a rather poor fam in North Carolina, 2 of the Navy and spent 2 hours Coleg yet.I degree and began my career.A HAV years ago, when this friend told me that I Thout so bad. But now I'm not sure if I only grown in recent years, or what, but I now feel for him. Difrently feel about him and I respect him so much as not. I notice something like your shot, not minded sense of humor, his (then


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