Sunday, January 24, 2010

8 Weeks My Kitten Is 8 Weeks Old And Is Still Drinking Her Moms Milk Please Help?

My kitten is 8 weeks old and is still drinking her moms milk please help? - 8 weeks

My friend took my cat and her kittens, who at the age of 8 weeks and if I am one of the boys and the mother saw the house cat that eats only drink the canned food in gravy, and her mother's milk. What should I do?

If KMR kitten forumla help wean a kitten?


Mc Atheist said...

Nothing to do. It is natural for kittens fed, like cats various Ween their young at different times. In addition, breast milk is one of the nutritious food, get the kitten.

xoxicarl... said...

Okay. Either the mother of all. Mothers wean their children, too, usually at 10 weeks of age are. Okay. There is nothing wrong absoultly. Only the mother and baby. Soon you will see that the kitten will start the water tower.

Andy S said...

This is not your decision. Mother let the cat decide when to wean her child.

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