Saturday, January 30, 2010

Inflammatory Arthritis More Condition_treatment Can Anyone Tell Me If Inflammatory Arthritis Will Cause Flu Like Symptons?

Can anyone tell me if inflammatory arthritis will cause flu like symptons? - inflammatory arthritis more condition_treatment

I've had this since January, and I am sad. It comes and goes. When I steroid I feel pretty good, but I know I can not live with these things. It is time to kill and eat the bones. Can someone help me with an answer?


cindy132... said...

I hope you see rhuematologist book. They can prescribe appropriate medication for you. There are medications that help, May DMARDs. Ask your specialist and get some relief. Life is too short to spend suffering.
Best wishes.

tholeede... said...

Do you already have a doctor, sounds like sore throat, you do so treated, it can damage the heart ......... Tom

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