Thursday, January 28, 2010

Catering Own Wedding Reception Heavy Hor Dourves Can You Help With Our Wedding Reception Dilemma?

Can you help with our wedding reception dilemma? - catering own wedding reception heavy hor dourves

My friend and I are looking for a loft / basement type place to celebrate our marriage. We are in music, art and banquet is usually much too expensive or simply nothing is not enough. We want freedom, we decorate with our catering and music. I searched and searched and found nothing that matches. My guess is, but because they show Boaty, do not need more publicity. Does anyone have the slightest idea of the area in the cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul?


Gretchen K said...

First, I admire you taking the time to try to a place that fits you and to your interests, without thinking, instead of converting sites typical marriage, fine.

I suggest that contact with galleries, shops, cafes, casinos and nature centers, sports arenas or (small) concert hall, whether they will consider renting to you. And also to see the old warehouses or empty in their towns. I know someone who married in her office building in this year! Just walk around and looking for places that intrigue you, and you can have the photo from their wedding / reception is in

If the place is usually for events that should probably be aware of charges, reserved tables and chairs. Also be sure to check if room allows you to make alcoholic drinks, because if you drink on your wedding, it could be a deal breaker if they say no alcohol!

I looked around for different places. First, the idea of a community center or veterans hall or what sounded so boring for me. But then Ibegan to realize that these places are tables and chairs, and usually rents between $ 150 and $ 450 for the whole day are! And you can decorate, bring your own food, alcohol, etc. Some were really nice, located on the quay or in nature. I could not believe that people will rent a hotel annoyed when some of these are low-cost options.

I have also observed the enclosed pavilion / shelter "(actually just an ordinary room / cabin) in the parks. Some of these places so beautiful and SUPER BARATO. Unfortunately, there do not allow approximately 50% of them alcoholic beverages. The other was fast filled.

Basically, stay away from everything and all the hotels and restaurants, if you want to DIY. And do not be afraid to call places and say, "Can I pay to rent a room for my wedding? Even if you've never dreamed of prior events. You never know if they say yes!

Kristy said...

I want to see the local galleries and see if allowing the private rental of the space. I know that in Philadelphia, New Jersey and New York the most. You get the gallery according to your taste and you can then decorate as desired and serve. See, perhaps?

Good luck!

#1 Navy Wife said...

Here are some entries in your area Good luck ...

just me! said...

I am the local associations of veterans of the Legion Club, if your parish hall is available. Certain ethnic groups have their own rooms and rent.

Diane B said...

Try to offer you different clubs - including Club of America, or Polish as much to the club for a nominal fee.

Ramhat L said...

Look online, some of suggestions to see:)

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