Saturday, November 7, 2009

Cover Letter Culinary What Would You Change About This Cover Letter?

What would you change about this cover letter? - cover letter culinary

I answer this: ...

I am in competition for the position of Sous Chef you posted on interested. I have a solid culinary can be improved by working in his restaurant. I understand and love using fresh local ingredients in my kitchen and I am very happy that they are the only types of ingredients used in their restaurant. I also have a sound knowledge of pastry. In most of my previous posts, I had the pleasure of many pastries, cakes and sweets, and I can not really say that cooking is a passion of mine. I am also very happy to work in his small restaurant at the local level. I've never worked in a variety of restaurant companies and they really do not want.


ecegrad2... said...

Firstly, I would not, he has no desire to work in companies, it is unprofessional. I am so many things that need it as my base and cover letter and resume (which seems to have done).

Try something like

Recently published the announcement on the full-time Sous Chef, on craigslist (Working 588944227) attracted my attention - and his restaurant caught my attention because they are a small restaurant at the local level. My passion and motivation for food would be a valuable addition to edible gardens.

My solid foundation for culinary invaluable and can be improved by working in his restaurant. I have an understanding and love using fresh ingredients in my kitchen, and I am very happy that these ingredients are in his restaurant. My goal to create new and exciting foods with these ingredients, which has demonstrated invaluable for the position of Assistant Chief. In my previous post, I had the pleasure of many cakes, pies and cakes, and I look forwe use of these skills in edible gardens.

My CV, I can bring my experiences and successes, but my drive and the appetite for new experiences can go during a confrontation. To learn more about what I can bring her restaurant to learn is important, please call me at 555 * 555 * 5555 to schedule an appointment at your convenience. I look forward to talking further with you.

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