Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sore Knee In Teenagers Teenager With Sore Joints.?

Teenager with sore joints.? - sore knee in teenagers

I had [problems with my knees for many years and not through injury, has only grown, fun], but often these days the pain in my knee is very bad. I also often pain in the ankles. And more recently in the hips. It is mainly on the left side of my body. The left knee the whole time. The left hip is, but move to the right hip when I begin to place more weight on it to remove the left hip! And the left foot on your right ankle.
It still hurts, knee pain, but there a kind used for herself and for her in the background a little. But when starting 3 of knee, ankle, hip and catch terrible damage to their [usually badly with pain in the knee, and then start violating other parts]
I took glucosamine tablets and condrioton and helps a little.
But I'd rather make something more efficient, and will also include an explanation why this is happening!
Although we know very little thought about his arthritis. But the thing is that I am a teenager!
Is it common for a teenager to get arthritis? If so, no abnormal symptoms other than specific JoiNT pain should I look?
Is it worth going to a doctor?
Or other advice for the treatment of pain, etc. would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.


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