Monday, November 9, 2009

Usb Serial 7st-dh-005 Driver Why Do We Have So Many Different Ports / Why Cant We Have PC's With Just USB/ Serial Ports Etc Only?

Why do we have so many different ports / why cant we have PC's with just USB/ serial ports etc only? - usb serial 7st-dh-005 driver

Do different ports have different goals? You can connect the printer via the USB port LPT1 / too .. So what's the difference? to a different port than the other? In short, why different ports? our lives easier?


Astaroth said...

If you invented a pair of scissors, which could range from a person with three hands, which would significantly reduce their sales are used. So if you earn some money, want the widest possible market. Years ago, all the printers parallel or SCSI ports, USB and Firewire had been unknown. When I came out of these technologies, there are still people with older printers and game controllers. Manufacturers recognize that the main obstacle upgrade costs. Update When people think "I want to, but then would get a new printer, which means that should the new ink and get a new driver will be too expensive, too. (Therefore PS3 principles with earlier versions and new are not compatible)

So that the various ports to different things. The parallel port is still in most PCs and can be used for printing, but also other matters such as the use of robots and other devices that can use patallel port (I think some software remote control, even Aircraft Training using this port for connecting a drill)

On thea simple life, most ports are color coded and can not put the stopper in a manner very similar to a toy given one year of age with different colored shapes in different colors depending on the holes the same way. Is not it just be possible?

Yes, it would be nice if everything wireless, but sometimes it's nice to pull a cable to work only for their hair, because no apparent reason, the EPA is not compatible with a computer on your network.

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