Tuesday, November 10, 2009

In Memery Ofon Wedding Program How Do You Put Games On Your Psp Memery Stick ?

How do you put games on your psp memery stick ? - in memery ofon wedding program

PLAESE tell me how I am, because I'm going to Mexico Barly have a PSP and want to know how.


Camiling... said...

If you have a custom firmware on 3.52 to use, you can download PSP games, but it is illegal if you do not own the game

Files are available free of charge http://www.torrentz.com
Once downloaded. To add the ISO / CSO files in the ISO folder on your PSP, if not this folder, put them in / PSP GAME.

Make sure that sufficient space BUFFER remain, because each copy of the game consumes an average of 700 MB

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