Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Pl -2303 Usb To Serial Driver PL-2303 Usb-to-serial Problem!!?

PL-2303 usb-to-serial problem!!? - pl -2303 usb to serial driver

I try, my LG phone to my computer with this cable to transfer data and I installed the driver and all that come in contact. I try to upload the photos from my phone to my computer. This phone is not connected to the service again, I can not send e-mail. Please help!


U Betcha said...

Most cell phones for use with a particular company were sold, transferred embarrassed "by the company for not even post pictures on a computer, it you want to calculate for each image from his phone to be as a service. Unfortunately I will not be able to transfer your photos without reactivation of the phone and its installation dollar for dollar by the messaging service of mobile phones.

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