Monday, November 16, 2009

Flame Iron On Transfers Why Does Iron React With Flame?scientific Explanation Pls..?

Why does iron react with flame?scientific explanation pls..? - flame iron on transfers

The flame is seen more as a light and electron microscopy, if the particle separation burns to burn as they go in the draft further.

If you place a piece of iron in a call, your reaction, when everything depends on what is burning.

For example, if the wood is burned or something thats increasing organic carbon particles and carbon monoxide with the flow of hot air and burning continued .. So, if you give the iron (with some forms) in it, the heat will reduce carbon monoxide / carbon monoxide, and iron again. But get deposited the black coating that could be won, it's just carbon particles, carbon black in the hollows of the surface iron ..

If you increased slightly sulfurous materials burn SO2 reacts with the iron sulfate ferrous and ferric sulfite supply .. Depending on the temperature and everything ...

So .. is not the flame itself, which reacts with iron, but the substance that the burning and causing the flame ... and gases from the combustion of ...


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