Saturday, February 6, 2010

Best Yellow-toned Foundation The Best Foundation For Warm Toned Pale Skin?

The best foundation for warm toned pale skin? - best yellow-toned foundation

I'm trying to find a very good footing. My skin is very pale, but it is yellow instead of pink tones. My skin is oily / combination. Can anyone recommend a foundation?
Preferably, I can walk into a store, not online.


lena said...

I use make-up clique works well and is good for your skin.
If you are in a clique Bonton position that can better balance to your complexion.
I travel a mirror compact set.
The really good foundation.
But it is a bit more expensive than $ 20, but I think it's worth it.

Destiny said...

My skin is too light and it was difficult for me to find a good foundation. In using Maybelline Mineral Powder Foundation and its very good. I like it because it blends well and will not be noticeable. It costs about $ 10 so its not that bad. Then I started with the powder foundation, which costs about $ 7 cover Cover Girl.

I hope that helped. :)

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