Sunday, February 21, 2010

Signs Of Herpes In The Head Concerned With STD,if The First 7 Days Passed; No Signs Of Blisters Or Painful Urine,does It Rule Out Herpes?

Concerned with STD,if the first 7 days passed; no signs of blisters or painful urine,does it rule out Herpes? - signs of herpes in the head

my friend oral sex and is now the sixth day after exposure, the symptoms will be up to date:
frequent urination every 30 minutes during the second day, 5 hours
second and third day of fatigue
Later, the feeling in the fingers and toes from time to time.
N redness around there, except for the first few days with very slight itching.
Yesterday and today, the sensitivity of the penis head, no evidence for the .. of itching, skin rash or blisters

He recommended taking the pills and Cipro Lotion dakatort eliminate any bacteria to ... But can I find out what exactly are these symptoms, and how can u get rid of is the fear of a murderer?


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