Thursday, February 18, 2010

Homemade Canoe Stabilizers Is There Anything I Can Put On The Bottom Of A Homemade Wooden Canoe That Can Increase Its Bouyancy/floating?

Is there anything I can put on the bottom of a homemade wooden canoe that can increase its bouyancy/floating? - homemade canoe stabilizers

Now it can hold 2 people very easily. I want to have to fall an average of 2 persons in a position to. Is there something I can put on him to help?


Captain Bill said...

Looks like you need a bigger boat. They are not increasing the size or the width and length.

Steve T said...

In short, no. There is nothing magical about the physics of a ship. A ship floats when the water is an amount equal to its total weight, including passengers displaced. Fresh water weighs approximately 62 pounds. per cubic foot. Salt water is a little heavier, but not enough to make a considerable difference in the upper part of the boat fleet.

wlh1us said...

add a layer of styrofoam, add a few narrow tubes of fiberglass bottom of the vessel

kenbgray said...

I would not try to do something for the boat, I would buy a larger one.

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