Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Ma. 2010 Inspection Sticker Is It Possible To Claim An Abandoned Vehicle In MA?

Is it possible to claim an abandoned vehicle in MA? - ma. 2010 inspection sticker

Mid-90s is a Honda Accord was parked outside an apartment building next to me and there for a little over a month, no plates, but an inspection sticker valid until April 2010 and I wonder whether it would be possible to assert this. I live in MA


MSAD said...


You have no right to do so.

Check drag cars - the charges for the towing company charges per day. Once the rate exceeds the value of the car that can tow companies, then in the legal paperwork and vehicle ownership file in exchange for fees.

Can you at the DMV. But I doubt that you, who can take over the vehicle. However, have, if the car does not correspond to leave, and with the local laws and standards - local authorities can search your car and go through their processes in the car.

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