Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Samsung 1080p Dvd Recorder Vcr Be Warned! Hooking Up An LCD HDTV To A DVD Recorder?

Hooking up an LCD HDTV to a DVD Recorder? - samsung 1080p dvd recorder vcr be warned!

I try, my father, you hook your DVD player to your new HDTV, and help issues.

The TV is a Samsung 46 "1080p Flat Panel - Model LN-T4661F

The writer is a Samsung Upconverting DVD / VCR combo (of course with recording function) - Model DVD-VR357

I think we just run the HDMI cable from the recorder to the TV, but what confuses me is how they allow recording of television programs, when the cable is in a box. Normally I'm good with these things, but it was embarrassing.

Is it just run the HDMI from the recorder to the TV? Or is it more to it (especially the cable box)?

Thank you.


TV guy said...

DVD to TV HDMI reproductive care.
For the record, you have two options:
a) If your set-top comes i.LINK i.LINK Connect set-top DVD recorder. This allows the digital recording.
b) Connect the composite video or television (if available) or set-top to the recorder.
If you have a TV, you must connect directly to the TV decoder.

jchanman... said...

The route of the cable from the cable box in the route the cable from the DVD recorder DVD recorder to the TV

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